how to make a new gmail account

how to make a new gmail account

Today We are Going To Learn how to make a new gmail account , First You Have to Understand What is Gmail , So Gmail is Providing by Google For Free  For Users of Mail Sending and Receiving , etc. | If You Want To Receiver Mail or Send A Mail Then I should have A Mail Id Then You Can Receive and Send Mail | Lets See how to make a new gmail account /Gmail Id

1. Step: Visit Your Web browser

Like -Internet Explorer,Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Safari.Opera, Lynx | We are Using Google Chrome For Example


For New Gmail Account Open Web browser

2. Step : Then Type In Search Bar – Gmail Sign Up

 Then Click Google Search You Will Find A Web Site Like This › signup Then Click On It

Click To Gmail Sign Up

3.Step :Enter First Name,Last Name,Username,Password

You will get a page which you can see below |

There will you find some column like -First Name , Last Name , Username , Password |

Then enter your first name and last name after this you will have to enter username which you want in your gmail ID |


Column for New Gmail Account

Note -You Have To Take Care Of One Thing In Username/Mail ID That You Have To Choose the Username/Mail ID Which No One Has Taken Before

4. Step : Password This is A Important Column

You have to Keep a Password Which is the Password You have to enter at the time of logging in  | You will have to use 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers & symbols

Password for new gmail account
Note – You should Keep a Strong Password

5. Step : Mobile Number,Recover Mail ID,Date Of Birth,Gender

Click To Next Then You will Get Form Where You Have To Enter Mobile Number , Recover Mail ID , Date Of Birth , Gender | Enter Your Mobile Number and Recover Mail ID will be Optional After Filling Click To Next

Mobile Number , Recover Mail ID , Birth , Gander

6. Step : Agree Privacy and Terms

You will find a Gmail Privacy and Terms Policy Read This carefully

Then Accept it And You Gmail Account will be Created

gmail Privacy and Terms

7. Step : Gmail Account will be Created

Now You Can Compos Mail , Receive Mail ,

If Anyone Wanted to sent you mail then you can share with him gmail id

Compose mail , Recive mail , Dashborad

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