Basic Knowledge About Term Insurance Calculator

Basic Knowledge About Term Insurance Calculator

What is term insurance calculator?

Term insurance calculator is a tool which was designed and customized to help you calculate the monthly and annual premium of your term insurance policies. This generates results regarding your premium amount which should be paid in order to get your desired sum assured amount as per your financial budgets. This tool helps you to save time since it is an automatic process and will produce results without any error.

The term insurance calculator is designed in a way where you can select the best option that fits your needs and save a good amount on the premium that you are paying.


  • Term insurance calculator will help the customers by determining the exact premium amount of the coverage which will protect their families in case of any death of the policyholder.
  • These calculators are very simple and easy to use and it is a user-friendly device.
  • Term insurance calculator provides you all the details such as the date of birth, name of the policyholder and also the nominee which is an important requirement when it comes to the term insurance plan because this will be very useful for analyzing the cost and benefits which the policy offers.
  • It can make a comparative analysis in order to cover the premium level since there are many term insurance plans available.
  • Term insurance calculator is the best for making a quick assessment of the required plan and you can quickly judge how it works.


  • Your term insurance calculator will completely help you to know the exact premium amount you chose.
  • Online term insurance is cheaper and it is also simple to understand. To know the steps for buying term insurance online, click here.
  • You will know a better knowledge about the product which will be very useful to explain to others.
  • By using the term insurance calculator, a lot of complex data will be simplified into an easier one without any hassles.

How to use term insurance calculator

Let us see an example to use a term insurance calculator in a better way. Here are some of the steps involved which might also vary from company to company:

  • The very first process is to enter your personal details such as name, gender, income, date of birth, marital status and your family structure.
  • In the next step, you need to discuss your health related issues and then you have to enter your Aadhar, pan card and bank details.
  • The next step in term insurance calculator is that you have to enter the sum assured amount which you want, choose the period of life cover and you have to choose the paying mode such as half-yearly, monthly, quarterly or annual.
  • Then, if you are clear about the premium which you have to pay,  you can easily buy the term plan even by using your net banking facility or by using a debit card.

With these features, the term insurance calculator tells you the amount of premium payable if you subscribe to a term insurance plan. I hope this article helps you in planning your expenses better by using the calculator.

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